Generally speaking, animBot will run on all Maya versions currently supported by Autodesk, which are usually 3 old versions plus the most recent one. I.e. if the most recent release is Maya 2020, it will run and be supported on Maya 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. It's important to note that if an animBot version was released for an older Maya version, say Maya 2014, it will keep working for it, only newer releases might not be compatible with it.

How long until animBot is compatible with the most recent Maya version?

I do my best to compile animBot for it and have it working as soon as possible and fix all compatibility issues as soon as possible, however keep in mind that it may take a while until it gets stable for a very recent Maya release. Also worth noting that, although very rare, new Maya features might not be compatible for a while and it's not guaranteed that it will ever be.

You can check details about animBot releases and Maya compatibility at

Bundled releases

Ongoing releases will come out with the shortest interval apart, so a new release that is compatible with the most recent Maya version will be available almost immediately, even if not very well tested. In the other hand, there is a longer time interval between Bundled releases, so there will always be a time gap where using animBot on the most recent Maya release won't be available to Bundled releases. That's because it takes time until animBot becomes fairly stable for a whole new Maya version, and developing updates on both Bundled and Ongoing releases during such time is unmanageable and adds delays on the overall development. 

Please understand that the exact date when a new Bundled will be released to upgrade a Maya compatibility can vary a lot, from one month to several months, depending on how challenging the implementation is. Sometimes everything works right off the bat, sometimes Autodesk introduces a new feature that breaks everything and a lot of work need to be done (i.e. viewport 2.0, playback cache, etc). Because of that, I never know exactly when animBot will become stable enough to be pushed to a Bundled release, only time will tell

What about Eco Edition users?

If Maya is connected to the internet, animBot will tell the user when updates are available, otherwise one can check on To have access to most recent Maya versions as soon as possible, a user can opt to upgrade to another edition (please contact me at

Please check this article for more details about Eco Edition limitations.

What about Lifetime Edition users?

Lifetime Edition only allows access to the current Bundled version that was available at the time of purchase. In terms of Maya support, that means it is only guaranteed to function up to the Maya version that was available at that time. When a new major Bundled is released, there will be no further updates to the previous Bundled version and newer Maya versions won't be supported to previous Lifetime Edition versions. To have access to most recent Maya versions, a user can opt to purchase the next Lifetime Edition version (when available), or to upgrade to another edition (please contact me at

Please check this article for more details about Lifetime Edition limitations.