All individual licenses* are node-locked, meaning that once you activate it on your computer, it will be locked to that computer. Each license comes with 2 slots, so a user is able to activate 2 computers at a time. 

Out of slots? Use the Deactivation Panel

Whenever a third computer is attempted to be activated, animBot will prompt the user to use the Deactivation Panel. With that, a user is able to deactivate all previous computers and activate new ones. In order to avoid over abuse of this system, the deactivation is limited to be done once every 30 days. If you ever need to bypass this limitation, please contact me and I'll do it for you. Please note that node-locked licenses are not designed to be switched off very frequently.

A user should never need to buy more than one license!

A user should only pay for a single license to use animBot wherever needed, on desktop, laptop, work, kitchen or even toilet(?!). By default a user will be able to activate a license in 2 machines. 

I want to make sure that happens, if you are facing any issues in this regard, please contact me.

Can I use my license at my school?

It depends if you use the same computer every day. If you change computers frequently, it won't work, due to what have been said above. The only solution to you in this scenario is for the school to install floating licenses. Please read this article for more details.

Why can’t I simply "log-in" to any computer with my keycode?

Although this would be amazing, the problem of such system is that anytime a user doesn't have internet connection or animBot server fails, it will block its access. Maybe one day I can make it work like this without those issues ?

* Individual licenses are all licenses with exception of Trial and Enterprise Edition.