Upgrading works like this:

  1. User sends me an email confirming s/he wishes to do that.
  2. I cancel the user's current license on my end.
  3. I send user a coupon of the remaining value of the license, which is calculated by the current price proportional to the remaining days until the renewal.
  4. User then have 5 days to use that coupon for a new license of his or her choice.

For example, let's say you have an Eco Edition expiring in 90 days, and wish to upgrade to Pro, and the current price for Eco Edition is $60/y:

$60 / 365 x 90 = $14.79 (that's the value of your upgrade coupon)

What about Lifetime Edition?

The value of a Lifetime Edition license for upgrading is calculated by the price paid minus the time used based on the Eco Edition current price.

For example, let's say you purchased your Lifetime Edition for $249, 120 days ago:

$249 - ($60 / 365 x 120) = $229.27 (that's the value of your upgrade coupon)

Many cases your coupon will worth more than the initial purchase price, so the rest will be applied to renewals.

If you ever need to upgrade your license, please contact me at alan@animbot.ca