When you purchase any subscription, for convenience the user will be automatically charged at the renewal date, by default. If one ever wishes to disable the automatic renewal payments, please wait until you have received your keycode, log into animbot.ca/myaccount and cancel the subscription:

By doing that, it will put your subscription in "Pending-cancel" mode, which means it will keep active until the day of renewal, and will be automatically cancelled by then. 

Please note that if you simply turn off auto-renew, the subscription will be set to manual payment mode, so at time of renewal you will receive an email with the renewal order, which you can opt for renewing or not.

Disabling auto-renew is not recommended

When auto-renew is disabled and the user doesn't renew on the renewal date, one is subject to a new pricing in case it changed. If one keeps the subscription in auto-renew mode, the price paid will keep the same for future renewals.

Reactivating auto-renew

Users can log into animbot.ca/myaccount and reactivate the subscription:

Enterprise, Educational and Lifetime Editions won't charge users automatically.