The issue

It's considered normal if animBot asks for a license validation/activation within one week apart or more. A few users reported that animBot asks for it more often than that, sometimes once a day.

So far, one user reported that turning OFF "Launch at Maya Startup" solved the issue. If you are experiencing this issue and this solution works for you, please let me know as it helps narrowing the issue down, send me an email at

Do you have Google or Dropbox sync?

Those file sync tools will tamper with the license files and invalidate your license. Please make sure you setup them in a way that they ignore the folder ../maya/scripts/animBot_data.

How to help getting this fixed

This is an issue that's tricky to fix on my own, as I need to either reproduce it on my end or rely on users to submit very detailed reports. Would you be the good soul that will help solve this mystery? Please follow these steps:

  • Restart Maya
  • Make sure animBot doesn't launch at Maya startup
  • Launch animBot by running this python command: 
import animBot; animBot.launch(debugMode=True)

AnimBot will start creating log files at ..maya/scripts/animBot_debug_log. 

  • Try to reproduce the issue, from the moment you enter your keycode/validate to the moment animBot asks you to re-enter it/re-validate (a partial report won't tell me where the problem occurred). 
  • Then, pls send me all the log files to at
  • Along with the email, let me know the animBot, Maya and OS versions. Please read this article for details.