There is a few loading routes you can try

  1. Opening the latest crashed file
    • After a Maya crash and a relaunch, before opening any file, if you load animBot it will show up a recovery window that you can just hit a button and it will open the latest saved file and load the latest animation on top of that. That's the most common method.
  2. Loading the checkpoint onto the open scene
    • You can close the recovery window mentioned above and open the latest saved file like you usually do. Then you immediately open the Time Machine and load the latest healthy checkpoint.
  3. Loading the checkpoint on the selected objects
    • Same as #2, but instead of just loading the latest checkpoint right away, you first select the rig controls you wish to recover animation to, and change the top right pop up to "selected objects", then you load the latest healthy checkpoint.

Simulating a crash

Crashing Maya is not a hard thing to do naturally, but you can follow the steps below to simulate it and test Anim Recovery.

  1. Open an animation shot.
  2. Make some changes to the animation.
  3. Wait a few seconds, until Anim Recovery button stops blinking (when it stops, it means it has saved everything you edited).
  4. Force close Maya, or close it and don't save the scene.
  5. Launch Maya and try the routes mentioned above.