These articles will help you with creating scripts that take advantage of animBot tools and features to automate your tasks and speed up your workflow even more!

Please note that those are PYTHON commands.

Mimicking Clicks

You can add to your scripts pretty much any animBot button you can click. For example, this is the command to Nudge Right:

from animBot._api.core import CORE as ANIMBOT_CORE; ANIMBOT_CORE.trigger.nudge_nudgeRight();

In order to find those commands, click on animBot search button and look for "print command output" and click on the checkbox. 

Once you do that, animBot will print the commands in Script Editor when you use animBot tools. You can combine these commands with any other python commands. For example, the code below will select the hand control and apply Nudge Right:

from maya import cmds
from animBot._api.core import CORE as ANIMBOT_CORE;"batman:hand_ctrl")

Advanced API

Starting on version 1.5.0, Ongoing releases provide a few api calls that you can pass arguments, which allow you to create Time Bookmarks, create Temp Controls, apply any slider to any custom value and more.

Please refer to the API documentation for examples.