There's 3 ways to launch animBot, either through a button on the shelf, a command or you can set it up to launch automatically when Maya launches. Let's see how to set it up.

Shelf Button

When animBot is installed for the first time through drag/dropping the install mel file, the following dialog will be displayed:

If that checkbox below is checked and you close the window, you will get a new button on your current shelf.

Alternatively, you can add this button here:

It's important to understand that Maya actually saves that shelf only when it closes, which is pretty ridiculous, because if Maya crashes on that session you will lose the button. You can force saving right away, though:


You can also launch animBot by running the following Python command in your Script Editor:

import animBot

Launch at Maya Startup

If you wish that animBot launches automatically with Maya, you can either check this box when installing it:

Or you can do it here:

This creates or modify the file, which is a file that Maya runs at startup, found under your <user>/maya/scripts folder, by including this code:

# start animBot

from maya import cmds
if not cmds.about(batch=True):
    cmds.evalDeferred(lambda: cmds.evalDeferred("import animBot; animBot.launch()", lowestPriority=True))

# end animBot

If animBot doesn't launch automatically after you set it up, you might want to open this file with any text editor to check, as other plugins and tools might be modifying it and removing the animBot code from there. There is a malware in the wild called "vaccine" that is known to do that (more info here). If you notice you have this malware, you might want to install the latest Autodesk Security Tools, which claims to remove it.