If you followed all the steps in the installation instructions, animBot should work smoothly for you. If you are having troubles with it, here are the most common causes:

the most common cause is when the end user installed animBot locally, so you end up having 2 installations. In order to check, on the user machine please go to animBot menu/licensing and you should see the image below. If you see something different, please make sure to remove animBot from <user>/maya/scripts and restart Maya. Important: Do NOT use the “animBot Drag’n Drop Install.mel”, this is only for individual installation, it will install animBot locally.

ImportError: No module named animBot

If you get this error, it means animBot is not available in your Python path. Please read this article for details.

RLM Server init failed or No License for Product (error -111)

This error means animBot can’t connect to the license server. You should be able to telnet the server @ port from the client. If that fails, it means there’s something blocking the connection, usually a firewall. Please ensure that all 3 RLM ports are open. More information here.

If you are having troubles with RLM, you can either email me for support or visit RLM Support for License Administrators and Users