When purchasing a license with Self Checkout, it's possible to set the start date with up to 30 days into the future, from the date of the purchase. That's to give the convenience of purchasing licenses in advance and allow users to have a smooth transition from one license to the next.

In order to set the license start date, first you need to complete the purchase. Within 10 minutes from the purchase, you will receive a keycode, which will be used to generate your license at animbot.ca/enterprise. At the bottom of that page, you can set the license start date:

Important Things to Keep in Mind

It's important to understand that, once the license has been generated, the host id and start date cannot be changed.

Also, please note that your purchase/subscription start and end dates will not change. Those dates are merely an initial reference.

The only thing that matters is the start and expire dates of your LIC file:

Lastly, Enterprise Edition licenses do not auto-renew. In order to add or renew your licenses, please place a new order. More information here https://animbot.ca/home/buy-enterprise-edition/

If you wish to add licenses that co-term with your current ones, please read this article: 

How to co-term licenses from Self Checkout