Sometimes it's desired to use your own personal license when there is Enterprise Edition floating licenses available in the network. That can happen, for instance, if there's not enough floating licenses for everyone or if you want to, temporarily or permanently, use a different animBot version for yourself. Please do the following:

1) Ask permission at your company. 

2) Install animBot locally.

3) On a fresh Maya session, before lauching animBot, create a shelf button with the following python command:

import sys, os
myPath = os.path.join(os.getenv("MAYA_APP_DIR"), "scripts")
sys.path.insert(0, myPath)
    del os.environ["ANIMBOT_CONFIGJSONPATH"]
except KeyError:
import animBot

Once that's done, you can use this shelf button to load your personal animBot. If you wish to use the Enterprise Edition again, simply restart Maya and run the regular animBot:

import animBot