The RLM Web Interface

After installation, you can monitor the status of your floating licenses using the RLM server’s web interface. From the server machine go to http://localhost:5054 or from another machine use http://servername:5054 replacing servername as appropriate.

A summary of your available licenses

Click on "status", then "animbot":

Along other details, it will tell when your license(s) expires, the amount of available licenses (count) and the amount of licenses currently being used (inuse). 

Usage details

Details will show all licenses currently in use. Please note that, when user launches animBot in multiple Maya sessions, multiple licenses checkout will occur, however only one license will be used from the pool per user.

In the example below, the user "alan" is using animBot in 2 different Maya sessions, thus has checked out a license 2 times, but the server took only one from the pool:

RLM performs this way because in order to return the license to the pool count, all animBot sessions must be closed (more on that below).

When do licenses are taken from the pool?

A license is checked out from the pool when a user launches animBot, either from clicking on the shelf animBot button or using a hotkey assigned to one of its commands. Launching Maya alone will not require an animBot license.

When do licenses return to the pool?

A few events trigger a license to return to the pool:

1) A license is released when all Maya instances that had checked out a license are closed.

2) Users can explicitly unload animBot from animBot's menu/system/unload.

3) A license admin can remove a user's license (after 2 minutes from its checkout time).

4) A license admin can configure the server to automatically return a license after a determined amount of time (minimum 1 hour). 

In order to set this up, create a simple text file named “animbot.opt” and place it on the same directory that the “animbot.set” is located (refer to the installation steps if you need to). Add the amount of time you wish to set in seconds. For example, to setup for one hour, add the code below, save the file and click on "Reread/Restart Servers" in order for it to take effect:


5) By default, at midnight the server will restart and return all licenses to the pool.

How many licenses does my team need?

Please read the article How many floating licenses do I need?