If you are experiencing issues with installing Enteprise Edition floating licenses, please read below and send the information requested, to the best of your ability, to alan@animbot.ca. If you can't get some info due to an error, please send info about the error.

1) The Server Side

a) The config.json and LIC file(s)

Please send us all LIC files and your config.json file.

b) Server License Status

From the server machine go to http://localhost:5054 to access your RLM Web Interface. Click on "Status" then "animbot", as shown below:

Send us the screenshot of your License Pool Status, as the example below:

c) RLM output

Run RLM in a terminal/prompt and send us the output, it should look similar to this:

d) RLM Diagnostics Report

To run diagnostics, set the environment variable "RLM_DIAGNOSTICS" to a filename, then start the application. Once started, the RLM code will write the file. Send that to us.


For example, in a command prompt:

set RLM_DIAGNOSTICS=[Path to file]\filename.txt (Windows)

export  RLM_DIAGNOSTICS=[Path to file]/filename.txt (bash)

setenv RLM_DIAGNOSTICS [Path to file]/filename.txt (C Shell)

2) The Client Side

a) Client License Status

In any end user machine, launch a Maya session, open the Script Editor and run the code below in a python tab. This should launch animBot.

import animBot

Go to animBot menu - licensing and send the image as the example below:

b) Licensing Errors

If you see any errors, please click on "Error Details" and send us all the information:

c) Any Other Errors

If you see any other errors, please send us screenshots. If you don't see any errors but animBot doesn't launch or work properly, look for errors in your Script Editor.