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Where is my keycode?

Troubleshooting installation

My license doesn't work!
Can I use my license on more than one computer?

AnimBot Support Clan

Visit It's a community on Facebook designed to discuss issues with tools, ideas for improvements and to exchange workflows and experiences. If you are facing an issue with your license or account, please do not post there, contact me directly instead.

All Tooltips at a Glance

Visit The same tooltips you see when rolling the mouse over a button, all in one place.


Visit, subscribe to the channel to be informed when a new one comes up.

Non-Official Resources

Visit this article to check out very nice tutorials created by users.

Reporting Issues?

Unless a screenshot is being submitted, please report issues through the animBot menu/connect. 

Please read this article for more details.

One to One Support

If you are experiencing issues with your license or account, no matter which edition you own, please reach to me and I'll take that as top priority. Please note that for any other matters, individual support is only available to Enterprise and Premium Edition license holders and are therefore the only ones guaranteed a response. That's because replying to individual emails is a very time consuming task. By reducing the amount of emails I can spare more time actually developing animBot and everybody wins. I appreciate your understanding :) Please note that I don't respond to personal messages on Facebook, mentions on Twitter or thru any other channel not described below:


Facebook Page (messages)

Twitter (direct messages)