The article Which license edition is the best for me? explains that major Bundled releases are shipped with longer intervals apart, compared to Ongoing releases. It also explains WHY that longer interval, as well as that Eco Edition and Lifetime Edition are the only licenses limited to activating only Bundled releases. 

But... how long exactly will it take for the next Bundled release? This page will be constantly updated with the latest information about that.

Bundled release 1.0.16 (released on December 2nd, 2020)

  • This release has all the bug fixes and improvements up to the version 1.4.26, with the exception of the new features: Workspace, Sliders Pop Up, Select Sets Pop Up and Mirror To Frame.
  • Please note that the Overshoot for the sliders moved to the far side of the toolbar!
  • Blend to Mirror also moved to the pink sliders section (Xform Sliders)
  • World Space toggle for the sliders is gone. Now we can access the World Space sliders directly, without the extra step of toggling it
  • Available for Eco Edition and Lifetime Edition license holders, at no additional cost.

Bundled release 2.0.0

  • This release will contain all new features up to the version 1.4.26 as well as all improvements and bug fixes from the latest Ongoing release available at that time.
  • Estimated release date: April 2021
  • Will it be available for Eco Edition license holders? Yes, at no additional cost.
  • Will it be available for Lifetime Edition license holders? Users can optionally upgrade to Bundled 2.0.X at 30% discount.

Eco Edition and Lifetime Edition license holders can optionally upgrade to Pro Edition to be able to use the latest Ongoing release immediately. Please read the article Upgrading a license for details.

You can check all releases here: