The article Which license edition is the best for me? explains differences between Bundled and Ongoing releases and why they exist. In a Nutshell, in comparison with Ongoing versions, Bundle versions will most likely:

  • Be older.
  • Miss 5 or more features and improvements.
  • Take longer to be available for newer Maya versions.
  • Possibly have more bugs.

But... how long exactly will it take for the next Bundled release and what are the missing features/improvements currently? This page will be constantly updated with the latest information about that.

Bundled 1.0.17 (released on April, 2021)

  • This is the definitive version for Lifetime Edition (I).
  • Missing features: a lot!

Bundled 2.0.3 (released on Nov, 2022)

Bundled 2.0.4, 2.0.5...

  • 2.0.x versions will be released from time to time, which might include new features, improvements and bug fixes.
  • Available for Eco Edition license holders at no additional cost.
  • Not available for Lifetime Edition (I) license holders, only for (II). Please see more info above.

Bundled 3.0.0

  • This release should contain a few new features as well as all improvements and bug fixes from the latest Ongoing release available at that time.
  • Estimated release date: not available, keep your eyes peeled on this page.
  • Missing features: not available yet, 5 or more in comparison with the latest Ongoing available at that time.
  • Will it be available for Eco Edition license holders? Yes, at no additional cost.
  • Will it be available for Lifetime Edition (I) and (II) license holders? No, users might optionally upgrade at 30% discount, if/when the Lifetime Edition (III) becomes available in the future.

Eco Edition and Lifetime Edition license holders can optionally upgrade to Pro Edition to be able to use the latest Ongoing release immediately. Please read the article Upgrading a license for details.

You can check all releases here: